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Boards and Commissions

The City has the following Boards and Commissions:


The planning commission is an advisory board appointed by the Mayor and Council.  The planning commission’s mission is to plan for the community’s future. As such, the commission looks beyond short-term solutions, the technical views of government staff and department heads, and the particular concerns of local special-interest groups. 

The planning commission interprets the zoning ordinance and amendments and makes recommendations to the city council on rezoning requests.  The planning commission also has some “Design Review Functions,” meaning that they will review and make recommendations on the site and building design proposals, particularly for commercial development. The commission receives technical assistance from city staff in performing these functions.

The planning commission consists of five members appointed by the Mayor and Council to four year terms.  Its current members are:  Jeff Ragsdale, Chair; Zach Crumpler, Vice-Chair; Bill Barton; Philip Mayer; and David List.

HISTORIC PRESERVATION COMMISSION: To better enable municipalities to form historic preservation commissions (HPCs) and provide for their protection through local zoning, the State of Georgia passed the Historic Preservation Act in 1980 (O.C.G.A. § 44-10-2). This legislation allows governing bodies to appoint a commission to administer historic preservation guidelines or standards adopted by that governing body at a public hearing. It establishes the framework for what these guidelines should include and a procedure for allowing public notice and defensible decision making.  The City and the County have a Joint Historic Preservation Commission.