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Nixon, et al v. City of Darien; Ad Valorem Homestead Exemption Class Action Lawsuit

A lawsuit has been filed against the City of Darien based on the McIntosh County Board of Assessors’ errant application of a local floating Homestead Exemption.  Supporting documentation of the lawsuit is attached below:

Filed_Darien_City_of_Homestead_First_Amended_Complaint 6.7.2023

Filed_Motion_for_Class_Cert__City_of_Darien 6.1.2023

Filed_Memo_of_law_in_Sup_Of_Motion_to_Certify_Class_Action_City_of_Darien 6.1.2023

Filed_Memo_of_law_In_Support_of_Prelim_Approval_City_of_Darien 9.8.2023